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The first settlements in the Oltrepò area of which evidence was found date back to the Etruscan period; at a later stage the Romans and the Barbarians came to the area; The Middle Ages was illuminated by the presence of great historical figures such as Matilda of Canossa, several Popes, Kings and Princes and afterwards the Benedictine monks who erected one of the most beautiful monasteries of northern Italy.

Agriturismo Olianina, Villa Poma, Mantova


During the past centuries, large areas of forests covered the area along the river Po. Thanks to the land reclamation carried out over the centuries, the river was "domesticated" and today we can enjoy excursions to discover the natural oases, islands, flora and fauna of the territory also by using small boats.

Agriturismo Olianina, Parco del Mincio, Pò, natura a Villa Poma, Mantova


Besides the city of Mantua, where shopping, history and art are combined in a wonderful marriage, making even a small walk a very romantic experience, Mantua's FASHION DISTRICT has become a great attraction in recent years with the best brands of clothing, sports and furnishing all giving great shine in a large outdoor mall similar in all respects to a small town, hence the name "Fashion District”.

Agriturismo Olianina, Villa Poma, Mantova, Fashon outlet, città della moda
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